Rent a backline set!

Set A ‘basic’ is specially made for shows and band competitions. Suitable for the compact stages in cafes, pubs and youth centers. This set consists of compact and versatile amplifiers. An A-quality backline for a small location.

Set B “Festival” is an all-round backline set for festivals and band competitions. The backline is suitable for larger stages and consists of the most requested backline in the rental.

Set C ‘Pro’ has been put together for larger events where artists ask more questions about the material. Intended for festivals, outdoor stages and tent parties.

For questions about our “rent a backline set”you can contact us at Contact Backline Rental Nederland




Basic, Festival and Pro

Set A 'Basic'

- Tama Superstar Classic 5-piece
- Ashdown EVOII300
- Fender Blues Deluxe
- Marshall JTM60
- 3x guitarstand

Price per day: € 200,-

Set B 'Festival'

- Yamaha Stage Custom 5-delig
- Ampeg SVT- 350
- Ampeg SVT- 410HE
- Marshall JCM900 4100
- Marshall 1960A
- Fender Hotrod Deville 410
- 3x guitarstand

Price per day: € 225,-

Set C 'Pro'

- Yamaha Live Custom 5-delig
- Ampeg SVT- 3 PRO
- Ampeg SVT- 810E
- Marshall JCM2000 DSL100
- Marshall 1960A
- Koch Multitone I
- Koch TS212
- 3x guitarstand

Price per day: € 275,-

The composition is subject to change and depends on the availability of the material. All prices are excl. VAT.